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Clan Grey Wolf Common Room

An overwhelming sense of home immediately grabs your attention as you enter the main room of the Clan. Sturdy oak tables laden with drinks and food are flanked by worn and much abused benches that appear at first glance to be unable to hold the weight of a halfling, let alone the sturdy dwarf you see at the end on one table. His red beard dragging on the floor, his head lies in a pool of spilled ale that puddles from a tipped stein, a soft snore echoing the raise and fall of his back.

As you look around you notice that the room is much bigger than it first appears and comfortable worn overstuffed chairs nestle in a corner. Just behind them you catch a glimpse of bookshelves laden with scrolls that let you know you have discovered the LIBRARY.

The rough stone walls are decorated with various weapons. Worn swords and maces vie for precedence. In the middle of all the madness you notice a PLAQUE with writing on it.

An engraved oak door stands closed, flanked by two sets of armor, their formality adding to the impression of security. A single word "Chancellery".

A blazing fire in the stone fireplace throws a warm glow about the room, enhancing the feeling of home and comfort, while not overpowering with warmth. A short bar is set into one corner. Mugs and flasks line the wall behind it, and a sign with a strange word "MARGARITAS". You wonder what strange thing that might be. As you wander around the common room a catchy TUNE catches our attention and you start to whistle in tune with it.

Along one wall are several windows. As you peer outside through the dirty glass, you notice that this building is not alone and you can see other STRUCTURES.

Wandering around the room, you walk over to the back of the inn and open the back door. You look out and gaze in awe at the huge Oak tree that shades the courtyard providing rest and peace under its graceful branches. You walk out closing the door behind you knowing that this is a place of rest from the turmoils of the lands and you will return.


Obvious exits: OUT






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