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As you age and train, you will gain an ability known as DF-Redux. Basically, as you amass more physically oriented skills (both Core & Additional) you will gain the natural ability to reduce the amount of damage you receive from physical and elemental based attacks.

The older you get, the greater and more pronounced this ability will become. This coupled with the right kind of armor, can go a LONG way to improving your survival as you adventure about.
Some Skills don't actually need to be trained past 102. Those skills are:
 Climbing Magic Item Use 

Swimming Mana Share

Scroll Reading

Training past 102 in the above will do you little benefit (even Share, as by the time YOU are any where NEAR sending 100%, anyone you would be sending to should be at least as well trained in Share as you). Failure for the related task would be VERY rare. Once folks start reaching the limits of their training schedule, they start to expand into other Skills and Weapons, or succumb to the call of Spells. I can't stress enough to NEVER skip your Core Skills, no matter HOW close you may be to that 1st or 2nd spell. Warriors are able to train in both the Minor Spirit and the Minor Elemental Circles of Power. Spells

Spells come with a MASSIVE cost of 160 mental points EACH. You wont be able to save up many points for this without sacrificing Core Skills or the Additional Skills you will need so desperately later in life till you start peaking IN those Additional Skills. You may be in your 40's or even Legend before you can afford your 1st spell. When you DO get it, one cast is going to last you near an entire hunt due to your age. Its very hard for me to judge WHICH circle you should pursue, but if I HAD to choose, it would be Spirit. It will provide you with protection against magics your DF-Redux doesn't cover, and will eventually grant you more abilities your inherent skills don't already cover (Traps and Locks are a good example). 




I would like to thank:







(TOLD ya you would be back some day),


Drizzsdt, and Shinoo

for your friendship, support, and guidance through the years.


for all the spell-ups and laughing at my jokes.


for my 1st free enchant (after he felt bad for blowing up my falchion).


for letting me tag along during the Ill-fated expedition to invade 'The Mule' and protecting me from Helga when I had too much to drink.


for proving NO good deed goes unpunished.


for all the hugs and smooches,

and finally


for the lesson: Never trust old people.



for protecting me from beasties in the dark.

Kadesha and Tatiyanna

for all the spells & teaching me the importance of a good bless.


for my 1st steps in Voln.

Shadowkatt & Bloodsnake

for your friendship and teamwork (remember those 3 days without sleep we sat in the wagon in RR waiting for the merchant?).


for putting up with my poor hunting skills.


for helping me explore the newly found Rivers Rest.


for the songs that made me feel better.

House Brigatta & its Members -

Me home and hearth


Clan Grey Wolf -

Me 2nd family


Last of all I would like to thank
Haephestus and Berillia
for their support during the dark time,
and finally

My beloved Zarilynx,

for showing me that there IS love in the world.







- My first warrior, who had a nasty habit of dropping dead after a full afternoon of licking his Claidhmore, made a small fortune fetching folks equipment after they died, for a modest fee of course.



- My first Giantman Warrior to survive long enough toTitle


Gabriel StormwiEr

- Gabreil StormwEir

My Twins, Bard and Rogue extraordinaire


- For freeing the lands from the curse of the Smurfs

Arctic Blue

- For showing me that bullet pick-pocketing is as good for laughs as it is for cash

 And finally

My Great Great Grandfather,

murdered by the Gods at the behest of the jealous Gabrinalla for hearing the [Send] thoughts intended for a Goddesses ears only. He was taken from the Lands and sent to the Last Chance Inn. After being told by the Gods to fall upon his own sword he was left alone to ponder his thoughts. After an hour's time had passed, another God arrived to inform him that if he did NOT choose to die by his own hand, the Gods would take the choice from him upon the passage of the 7th day from his time of arrival. He was not allowed to say goodbye to his friends and loved ones, nor allowed to pass on his equipment for use by his yet unborn Son. Upon the passing of the second day, Gabrinal stood tall, and did walk through the portal of death and rebirth. Gabrinal's son, Brinal the First, was born 2 days later, and though having never known his Father, sought to make him proud should he be watching from the other side.
Written by:
Brinal MorninStar the 3rd

James Robinson

Guild and Voln Master AKA: Crow T. Robot

Proud Member of House Brigatta

Warrior Paladin


Please feel free to contact me for questions,

suggestions, critiques, or just to say howdy.


 ****Things you should read****


Lord Commandant's Ultimate Warrior Guide,

in all of its versions - Yes Commandant, you were right. And I'm the Warrior big enough to do that laughing.


The Statistical Sorcerer Guide

- by Sylvendale Thriftfellow

- only one word can describe it - Awesome


Torthos Guyvary's Warriors Guide

- For pointing me in the right direction, but the wrong Town


Definitive Guide to Creating an Ultimate Warrior!

- by Redzig Zigmorphus (everything you should NOT do)


The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

- by Stephen R. Donaldson


Calvin & Hobbs

- by Bill Watterson, anything you can lay your hands on


Bloom County

- by Berke Breathed, The Master







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