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The Older Hunter


By now you are approaching Lord or Ladyship, and have started to make a name for yourself within the local community. You have your favorite folks to hunt with, areas to sit and chat with, and critters and locations to hunt within. If this is NOT the case, and you have more or less been keeping to yourself, guess what? You either need to start pronto, or face the fact that you aredead meat on a hook. The areas a Warrior can hunt unassisted are few and far between. Your hunting productivity will stall, your cash generation will drop,

and you won't even be able to afford your kindly Empath a decent tip for patchin' you up after that good arse whoopin you just took in Zombies,Stone Giants, or Warcats. Interactions and friendships are the entire basis and spirit of the Lands, and if your still have that 'Me, Me, Me' mentality, you won't enjoy the Game for what it is supposed to be: FUN.

When folks reach their 20th train or Title, they enjoy a definite sense of accomplishment and confidence. Many players don't make it this far, or are so unhappy with their results they either quit or re-roll. You should be looking forward to the future, and savor the fact that you are only going to become more capable and fierce as a Warrior, and if you have been training properly, desirable as a hunting partner. Friends will be coming to you for help, bringing you boxes to bash, or equipment to assess. A well-trained and diversified Warrior is an EXTREME asset on a hunt, as he keeps parties from having to run back to town with a load of boxes or take rest breaks for Mana. By now a Warrior should have sufficient training in swim and climb to access any areas applicable to his skills and experience level.


When you are in a Party, the varied and diverse skills of its members will often allow you to hunt well above what is generally considered a safe age of critter. A couple good casters may allow you to hunt Various Sprits or Hounds in the Graveyard, or the beasts of Stone Valley. Tackling, Ambushing, and general offense will keep your party alive, and your Spirits high. Just remember that accidents DO happen. If the weather in the Lands is particularly bad, bring the age of the critters your hunting down a notch.


Good Areas

to consider for hunting


18 to 24 - For undead try the Graveyard for Ghoul Masters, Arch Wights, or Night Hounds. Potters Field is good for Zombies. For living critters try Fire & Warcats in the Caves of Lysierian Hills, Krolvins & Reivers in Luinne Bheinn, or Trolls in Stone Valley & the Glacier.



25 to 30 - For undead your choices are stick with what you already have, or you can try Moaning & Tree Spirits which can cast a nasty Boil Earth (Combat Maneuvers, Reflexes, and Dexterity will save your butt most times) or Spectral Monks & Lichs in the Monastery. The Spider Temple is chock FULL of hunting goodness, from Giant Arachnids to Priestesses. Minotaurs in the Labyrinth are fun, as are Giants in Stone Valley. Most of these areas will put your Combat Maneuvers training to good use.


30 to 40 - Now it's time for your introduction to my favorite hunting playground Castle Varunar, along the trail to Solhaven. Not only will you find all manner of undead for hunting here, but you learn your 1st lesson in TRUE Fear. The creatures here are so Evil as to exude an aura of pure malice so intense you will actually fall to your knees and begin crying like a little baby. Even worse, it's a Spirit Warded effect, so that nice new 6x Hauberk your sporting won't do jack to help. To add insult to injury, you will plummet from whatever stance you were enjoying to full offensive, and since your on your knees, your DS drops to diddly squat. This is where Empaths and Clerics tend to make Legend, as its easy access, and plenty of areas to get drawn & quartered. As your training approaches that of the offending creature's age, its effects become less pronounced. If the age difference is within 8 years you might not even drop to your knees, but rather will just stand there drooling for a short period. The closer you approach the creatures age, the shorter the time of your suffering, till eventually you might just blink for a moment before whoopin some undead heiny. Just remember, the critters get meaner the deeper you enter the Castle, and a single type of critter's age can vary as much as 5 years! Within the surrounding walls you will find Rotting Corpses. They have Fear, and a nasty AS, but are relatively easy to lop off a head. I was hunting here by the time I was 25 and just danced a lot.


I love Varunar because it has what I call the 'Great Equalizer'. Roa'ters are ferocious burrowing monsters 41 years in age, with a NASTY pop-out-and-kill habit. A Warrior can be a godsend, as the only thing that is going to save your sorry arse is luck and good Combat Maneuver training, and luck runs out real fast here. I've seen folks WAY past Legend, nearing their 100's, drop like flies 'cause of Roa'ter ambushes. Many casters tend to avoid Varunar. Folks who frequent the Castle have nicknamed Roa'ters 'Tators', and are usually swearing in the same sentence. Tators claim the lives of more casters then even Darkstone. If one goes under (burrows), you only have 2 choices: Stand your ground, or run like mad for the only sanctuary in the Castle, the Great Hall. It's located in the Heart of the Castle, surrounded by its oldest tenants: Skeletal Warhorses (38-40), Skeletal Lords (42-44), and finally Phantasmas (45-46). The only problem is that a Tator can burrow as fast as you can run, and will follow you the whole way, even into areas Tators don't normally thrive. Better to stand your ground. Folks are often screaming for a Warrior to come pluck a Tator, after it having claimed a loved one or 3's life. Ambush the head and it's all over.


If this kind of gamble is not to your liking, then you can try the Graveyards 'Ledge' as an alternative. Getting to the Ledge is easy enough, the problems start AFTER you get there. The Gods have seen fit to make the Ledge a 'No Warrior Zone'. As soon as you arrive, you lose every spell you have. Everything here can cast, and without a casters' protective spells, your dead meat mucho pronto. The MAIN reason for hunting here is the same for the Gods changing it. A Warrior can hunt WELL over his level , as EVERYTHING here is vulnerable to Voln-Fu. Fu can stun and crit the denizens roaming about easily, preventing them from casting for a moment or 2. By then your fellow party members have either tagged 'em a few more times & killed them, or renewed their stunned condition. Very often you can give a fatal injury with a good 1-strike crit. Very nice treasure can be found here, and with good training in First-Aid, skinning can make you a wealthy man. Hunting alone can be hazardous, as every room supports swarming critters. The spells here are formidable, as are the physical attacks. Your injuries here can quickly pile up. Hunt wisely by staying alert and protecting your Hunting Party's Casters. Send mana often, give them the herbs they need to heal injuries (injuries hobble a caster's ability), and pull them to their feet if the Party gets 'E-Waved'.


Another suggestion for hunting isn't any easier, and that is Darkstone Castle. Darkstone is full of negative energy waves which will suck away a spell or 2 every few minutes. This area can be nasty for a Warrior, as these 'Pulses' can severely limit the time you safely expect to continue hunting. Lots of Gargoyles wander about here, as do Huge Mein Golems. Golems are wonderful for head chopping, as long as you run immediately after, as they tend to explode - killing everyone in your party. Despite popular rumor, Golems do NOT have a fruit chewy center. If you SHOULD stick around for the show, and you actually survive, you are often rewarded with a mein shard worth a nice chunk 'o change in town.


Finally, you can give the Broken Lands a try. Hooded Figures, Giant Fog Beetles and Magru all wander about here in search of a fine meal. Don't be it. It's a bit of a walk, and folks hate to run long distances to save foolish adventurers.


40 and Beyond - Castle Varunar, the Dungeons of Darkstone, the Broken Lands, and even Shans along the Forest Road in the Foggy Valley of Vornavis will continue to provide you with more then enough challenges and opportunities. By now you have mastered the art of hunting and survival, and have slipped into comfortable habits that make adventuring so much fun and a great time to share with friends and comrades. Beyond lies the great Rift, of which I know very little, except that dying THERE takes on a whole new meaning. Just remember this one thing: No-one is coming to your rescue, as you can't even enter till your 80.





There is more to hunting then just getting a few people together and having a swinging 'Free-For-All' every time something walks into your area. Warriors should be prepared to Ambush an arm or leg to reduce the critters offenses & defenses, and bring them down so they can't run and make an easier target for the partys weaker members. Casters should be prepared to restrain the creature or reduce its ability to attack, both physically and magically. Most undead will give up treasure to a Clerics spells, that no other caster or blade can coax forth. Remember to take your turns, spread the experience, and most of all enjoy your time spent. Word to the wise, use those wonderful Black Floating Disks to cut down on the crap your dragging around. If everyone in your party has one, you should have plenty of storage space.


A final note on training.





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