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A familiar can be commanded to perform a few simple tasks, and the wizard can see through the eyes of the familiar at any time. Although a familiar is not useful as a weapon, it can be used for information gathering and as a messenger. Different types of familiars have different types of abilities, strengths and weaknesses.


The premature death of a familiar can stun a wizard. However if the wizard should die, a familiar will attempt to seek help on its own, though this is not always effective. Sometimes a familiar will find a character and try to get him/her to come to your aid, sometimes the familiar will even find other folk who can help.

Commanding a Familiar A familiar can be controlled with some simple commands. Because the creature is not intelligent, it can only perform a limited number of actions. The communication path is mental, so contact is maintained even if your familiar is in another area. A familiar can speak with your voice (albeit poorly).


General format:


Tell Familar to {command sequence}


Tell Familar to Look

You will see what the familiar sees regardless of where it is.


Tell Familar to To North

The familiar will travel in a given direction if possible.


Tell Familar to Go Through Door

The familiar will travel through the door if possible.


Tell Familar to Find Reline

The familiar will attempt to find a given character. This can take some time, and some creatures are suited to outdoor searches (like hawks). If they find the character, they will follow him/her and you will be notified. Otherwise they will continue to search forever until you either give them another command, tell them to return, or the spell wears off. Note that certain areas are inaccessible to some (or all) familiars.


Tell Familar to Return

Causes the familiar to try and return to your location. Because of the mental bond, this is usually easier for the familiar to do than to seek another character. The familiar will follow you until instructed otherwise.


Tell Familar to Say Bardon, come to the gates!

You channel your voice through the familiar. This is a difficult thing to accomplish and may incur a roundtime.


Tell Familar to Watch

With this command your mind will be linked with that of your familiar, allowing you to see what the creature sees. If the familiar is in a different room/area than you are, anything that happens will appear on your screen as well. To help differentiate the messages, those events which are being seen by the familiar will be in ANSI underline mode If you have the MonsterBold flag set and have a terminal program which can display ANSI. Note that some terminal programs use bold for underline.


To break this link, simply tell the familiar to Stop Watching Keep in mind that if the familiar is in the same room/area with you, then you will not receive both points of view (because they would be identical).


Tell Familar to Get the Wand

Some creatures are capable of picking up an item (usually in their mouth) and carrying it for you. Most will avoid sharp objects that might hurt them if they tried to pick it up with their mouth, and telling an animal to pick up food usually doesn't last long. Simply tell the familiar to drop the item when you want it back. You can use some familiars to courier objects to other players in this way.


Tell Familar to Sleep

If a familiar is getting on your nerves, tell it to sleep and it will hush up and snooze a bit. Telling it to do anything else will wake the familiar back up.


Tell Familiar to Leave

If you tell your familiar to leave, the spell will be broken.


Other commands, such as sit, stand, fly, land etc. are also possible.


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