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Human Healer


She appears to be in her 140's, has short, straight silver hair, multihued eyes, and lily white skin.

She has a cat paw tattoo on her neck, a long silver ponytail, and a prancing kitten tattoo on her ankle.

She is wearing a twisted gold and silver armband, a small rose, a silver acantha leaf earring, a silver spidersilk pouch, a delicately wrought silver circlet, a silver etched scroll case, a brushed silver belly ring inset with exquisite white diamonds and pearls, a long flowing silver-lined cloak, a silver wolf's head pin, an elven leather wand harness, a silver charm bracelet, an opal-inset silver filigree choker, a faceted crystal shield, a silver spidersilk backpack, some fingerless silvery leather gloves, a pair of silvery leather boots, a rosy pink flower, an empath crested scale leather, a silver satin kilt, and a crude gold ring.





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