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Lord Sverk WaldesZaub

the Dark Elf Mage


He appears to be in his 100's, has long, straight white hair, grey eyes, and fair skin.

He has a shadowed crescent moon tattoo on his leg.


He is wearing a silver chrysalis, a flowing deep black spidersilk cloak trimmed with silvery rolaren thread and clasped at the neck by a gleaming golvern chain, a pair of dull black leather boots, some black silk britches, a dull black leather belt with a gleaming silver buckle, a silver-dusted black satchel, a silvery glaes spider charm, a silver wolf's head pin, a miniature crystal wand pin, a sparkling blue diamond engagement band, some elegant black casting leathers, a deep black spidersilk wand harness edged with silvery elven runes, a small rose, a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles, and a funny pointed hat.







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