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Stonehelmm Dharvon

Human Mercenary


He appears to be in his 60's, has short, curly light brown hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.

He has a curly brown ponytail, a coiled black dragon tattoo on his arm, a tattooed symbol of Voln on his neck, a snarling wolf tattoo on his forearm, and a wolf paw tattoo on his ankle.

He is holding an enruned veniom-banded shield in his left hand.

He is wearing a narrow gold ring, an ogre hide belt pouch, an ogre-tusked vultite helm, a silver wolf's head pin, a jet black leather weapon sling, a grey and green tartan greatkilt, a weathered oilskin backpack, some tightly linked rolaren chainmail, some large eel skin boots, a forest green veniom-threaded gem-pouch, a weathered leather cloak, an ivory skull armband, a black eyepatch, a pearl-inlaid elegant black thigh-sheath, and a friendship ring.






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