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Steelshadow D revain

D warf

He appears to be in his 40's, has shoulder length, curly silver hair, grey eyes, and very dark skin.

He has a small lockpick tattoo on his neck, a rampaging bear tattoo on his forearm, and a blue-green scarab tattoo on his arm.

He is wearing a mithril ruby-eyed skull buckle, a golden lute cloak clasp, a dark onyx wolf talisman, a hooded black silk stalking cloak, a ruby and ivory skull earring, a cracked grey iron skull medallion, a sapphire-eyed black skull pin, a pair of dark wire-rimmed spectacles, a wrist sheath, a carved bone skull amulet, a lapis-inlaid vultite shield, some polished black leather boots, a silver ruby-eyed skull clasp, a woven vultite bracelet, a braided black leather hair tie, some crossed black leather back-sheaths, some black onyx-studded gloves, a tiny striped scarab pin, an onyx-clasped black silk satchel, a myklian scale lockpick case, some brigandine armor, a white gold wedding band, a solid silver armband, and a sapphire band.

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