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Lord Haephestus O'Eddings

War Leader of Clan Grey Wolf
Master of the Order of Voln
Guild Master of the Warriors Guild
Master of Batter Barriers
Master of Warrior Tricks
Master of Warrior Tackle


You see Lord Haephestus O'Eddings the Dwarf Warrior.
He is holding a rune-etched elven broadsword with a ruby red pommel in his right hand and a slate grey shield in his left hand.

He is wearing a gold ring, a slate grey backpack, some black steel full plate, a burnished silver band, a golden sunburst kilt pin, some weathered dark grey boots, a knee-length forest green kilt fastened with a black pearl pin, a Warrior Guildmaster pin, a stalking wolf tattoo, a long red beard, a mithril juggernaut pin, a tiny black castle pin, an anvil-shaped Eonak pin, a forest green veniom-threaded gem-pouch, an iron anvil earring, a charcoal grey mesh belt, a golden phoenix pin, a slate grey imflass harness, a slate grey satchel, a golden spidersilk gem pouch, some worn leather gloves, a slate grey vest, a slate grey greatcloak, a grey, wide-brimmed traveler's hat, a simple grey scarf, a silver-edged emerald cloak pin and a crystal amulet.


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