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Narrissa Devalstone


She appears to be in her 70's, has shoulder length, curly dark brown hair, multihued eyes, and dark skin.

She is wearing a large blue sack, a siren lizard scale leather, a rune-covered Faendryl pack, a dwarven wand harness, a gold-threaded white silk bag, a pair of ankle-tie silk slippers, a gold filigree ankle bracelet, a gold-threaded silvery hip satchel, a dusty thigh sheath, some white pearl-buttoned leggings, an elegant gold linked belly chain clasped with an exquisitly tooled gold heart of thorns from which dangle several delicate crystal roses, a lace-trimmed white silk bodice, a hooded green floor length cape, a sparkling blue diamond engagement band, a pair of veniom rings engraved with ancient Faendryl runes attached by delicate gold and silver chains to a twisted serpent bracelet biting its own tail, a silver bracelet, a delicate red crystal rose, a glaes spider charm, a silver Brigatta pin, a flashy fire-opal love charm, a silver chrysalis, an eahnor pendant, a gold heart-shaped locket, an exquisite moonstone pendant, a silver-laced pale blue coral earring, and a slightly tarnished brass halo.



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