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Moirane Damondreod

the Dark Elf Filcher


She appears to be in her 60's, has very long red hair, green eyes, and lily white skin.

She has a small black dagger tattoo on her ankle, and a coiled serpent tattoo on her finger.

She is wearing a white linden amulet, a scratched anklet, a voluminous black stalking cloak, a dark shaalk shield, some crossed black leather back-sheaths, a silver tooled wrist sheath, a faceted ruby scarab pin, a mithril lance pin, a shiny silver knight pin, a ruby-eyed black skull pin, a mithril juggernaut pin, a sparkling unicorn pin, a silver Brigatta pin, a silver stick pin, a onyx-inlaid black leather thigh-sheath, a braided black leather hair tie, some slim white boots, a knee-length black velvet skirt, a perfect purple daisy, a gold rose cloak clasp, a translucent glaes spider charm, a veniom-plated Ilyan Cloud charm, a pair of black pearl-clasped gloves, a leather locksmith's belt, a white leather pouch embroidered with a coffee plant in full bloom, a sturdy dark leather tool satchel, a golden monocle, a multicolor tiny disk, a delicate gold toe ring, a calico kitten amulet, a delicate rose, a black ora half moon pendant, a small gold lockpick earring, some opal stallion earrings, some heavy lizard skin armor, a polished ebony lockpick case, and a gold ring.





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