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Matteron Dalestion

the Human Warrior


He appears to be in his 30's, has short, wavy dark brown hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin.

He is holding a silver-hafted vultite blade in his right hand.

He is wearing a perfect white daisy, a gold ring, a polished earring, a white vultite shield, a massive iron-bound back scabbard, a fine steel chain bracelet, a dashing feathered hat, some white leather leggings, some steel-toed white leather boots, a steel-studded white leather backpack, a braided leather belt, a steel lightning bolt pin, a rugged leather cloak, a steel-clasped white leather satchel, a white spidersilk pouch, some white spidersilk gloves, a small rose, a small daisy, some fitted elven scale mail, a howling wolf pin, a crystal amulet, a silver wolf's head pin, and a butterfly charm.







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