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Major Spirit Spells



1 mp

1 min / lvl

Under the influence of this spell, the target person or creature is soothed and calmed, inhibiting them from engaging in aggressive behavior. Actions involving combat or the casting of spells are not possible while in the calmed state.


Spirit Shield

2 mp

1 min / lvl

The caster uses his or her Spiritual powers to influence the surrounding Spirits to provide additional physical protection to the target of the spell, + 10 Physical DS.



3 mp

Through the use of this spell, the caster calls into being special food with potent qualities. Persons who partake of the magically created food, and then take time to rest and relax will experience accelerated healing and accelerated mana point recovery.



4 mp

1 min / lvl

Through this spell, spiritual forces are invoked to protect the target of the spell from many magical means of location. While persons with this spell in effect on them will not find it any easier to initially conceal themselves in a hiding place, they will find that it improves their ability to remain hidden when others search for them.



5 mp

1 min / lvl

The spiritual forces are used to invoke the Spirits of Light, influencing them to provide greater illumination in the immediate area where the spell is cast. The additional illumination may make possible actions that could not be performed in darkness, and may enhance the combat ability of everyone in the illuminated area.



6 mp

1 min / lvl

This spell invokes the Spirits of Shadow and Darkness to dim the illumination in the immediate area where the spell is cast. Combat conducted in a darkened area is done so with reduced abilities.


Purify Air

7 mp

1 min / lvl

This potent manipulation of spiritual forces that lie within each of us bolsters the ability of the target person to withstand the ravages of a hostile environment.


Living Spell

8 mp

This spell enables the caster to transfer a prepared spell from another person. Transfer of the spell is one way only, from the target to the caster. The target person will lose mana points as if they had cast the spell being transferred. The caster who receives the spell will also have to expend mana points when casting the spell that has been transferred.



9 mp

By channeling his or her will, the caster is able to use this spell to dissolve the webs cast by both natural and magical spiders of all sizes.



10 mp

5 sec / lvl

Through the spiritual forces, the caster is able to influence the Spirits of Sound to place a pall of silence over the target of this spell. The target person or creature will be unable to speak, sing, or prepare or cast a spell.



11 mp

1 min / lvl

The caster's mental and physical fortitude is bolstered making them more effective in combat as well as strengthening their will against fearsome foes, + 15 to their Physical AS,



12 mp

3 sec / lvl

The caster of this spell is able to use the spiritual forces to exert influence over the Lesser Spirits in the immediate area to interfere with the actions of the target person or creatur, -15 penalty to Physical AS.


Minor Sanctuary

13 mp

5 minutes plus 10 sec / lvl

By mustering the power of the surrounding Lesser Spirits, the caster is able to employ this spell to create an area that is relatively safe from danger. This increased security will allow both the Cleric and Empath to practice their profession in greater security.



14 mp

5 sec / lvl

The caster uses this spell to call upon the surrounding Lesser Spirits to hold the target person or creature immobile.



15 mp

The caster of this spell is able to draw additional fortitude from the surrounding Lesser Spirits. This serves to bolster the caster's courage and confidence, thus improving the caster's combat effectiveness. The spell helps to bring the caster's mind and body into focus, allowing the caster to recover from both physical and mental fatigue at a faster rate, +25 to Physical AS



16 mp

5 sec / lvl

The caster employs this spell to drive the target person or creature into an intense state of combat frenzy. The target of the spell is influenced in a manner such that they will take no special action to defend themselves in combat. Instead, the target creature or person will focus all of their available skill in a frantic attack.


Herb Mastery

Not Implemented


Spirit Servant

18 mp

Through the use of this powerful spell, the caster is able to manipulate the spiritual forces to bind a Lesser Spirit to their service for a short time. The spirit bound in this manner takes on a corporeal existence by drawing on the very life force of the caster. In this way, the bound spirit is able to manipulate small physical items and perform other simple tasks at the caster's behest.


Spell Shield

19 mp

1 min / lvl

Through the use of this spell, the caster is able to call upon the Spirits of Power to form a powerful barrier against magical attacks, +50 to spirit wardings as well as a -50 to Elemental Attacks.


Major Sanctuary

20 mp

This extremely powerful spell allows the caster to call into being a magical portal leading to a special place of safety. The caster is able to call upon their special relationship with their patron Greater Spirit or Lord of Liabo to provide them with a place of refuge in which they may rest and practice their arts and skills in relative safety.



25 mp

The caster of this spell is able to use the spiritual forces to transfer themselves to the physical location of the target individual. Transference of this type is effective on the caster only, and some magical or natural occurrences may prevent this spell from operating properly.


Spirit Hunter

Not Implemented

Through the use of spiritual forces and this spell, the caster is able to call forth a potent Lesser Spirit that will attach itself to the target of the spell and slowly drain the very life essence from that person or creature. The Silent Slayer will plague the individual or creature for the duration of the spell, or until death occurs, whichever comes first.



Not Implemented



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