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the Sylvankind Scout

He appears to be in his 30's, has short, braided dark brown hair, multihued eyes, and tanned skin.

He has a thistle tattoo on his ankle.

He is holding a deep green vultite falchion in his right hand and a Loenthran Guard phalanx shield in his left hand.

He is wearing a gold ring, a crystal amulet, a Loenthran Guard phalanx shield, some double leather, a perfect blue rose, a tiny black leather pouch trimmed with a single raven feather, some elven tracking boots, some mud-caked forest green breeches, a gold-trimmed xenium scabbard, a tailored elven longcoat, a puma fur knapsack, a braided elven leather satchel, an engraved white gold wedding band etched with the symbol of eternity, a butterfly charm, a black woolen bonnet adorned with a tiny amethyst thistle, a silver wolf's head pin, and a ratty sack.




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