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Lady Jezbelle Sorcery Guide



You see Lady Jezbelle Riverstone the Sylvankind Sorceress. She appears to be in her 50's, has very long dark brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin.

She is wearing a heavy backpack, a crystal amulet, a ditty bag, a fresh rose, some softened centaur hide trousers, a hooded spidersilk cloak, a bright yellow silk satchel, a low-cut black silk and lace bodice, a shimmering dark ruby bow, a butterfly charm, a white gold wedding ring with a diamond and ruby setting, a dusty thigh sheath, a glaes spider charm, a gold ring, an enruned black diamond talisman, some elven leathers, a silver wolf's head pin, a mithril round shield, a tightly woven spidersilk sack, and a pair of soft suede boots.  


[Jezbelle's cottage exterior]

You see a small tree cottage that is build well into the branches of this mighty oak tree. The wooden platform that you stand on goes around the cottage and the tree. You look down and see the forest floor far below. Before you stands a red wooden door brightly painted with fireflies and fairies. To one side you see a woven rope dangling to the floor below.

Obvious exits: none.


[Jezbelle's tree cottage interior]

The interior is warm and cozy. It is actually just one large room that seems to be the main living area with a small riverstone fireplace stands in one corner. There are two large comfortable stuffed chairs before the fireplace. In the opposite corner there is a counter with a basin and some cupboards and small table that seems to act as the kitchen area. There is the door leading to the outside and a small internal door that seems to lead toanother room.

Obvious exits: none.

Also here: Lady Jezbelle who is seated on a stuffed chair.

"Ahhh come in, sit down next to the fire." Jezbelle says invitingly. fairy2.jpg

You go over and throw yourself down in the chair next to her, it was a long walk half way across Elanthia and you are tired. The fire is bright and inviting and slowly you feel yourself relaxing. 

"Care for some tea? Perhaps some apple cakes?" Jezbelle hands you a tray with warm apple cakes and you take a few and accept the cup of tea she offers you.

Jezbelle puts the cakes on a small table next to her and sips her tea quietly. Her expression grows calm and distant as though she is in another place or time. Slowly she seems to return to herself. She nestles back into the comfortable chair.

"I grew up here. I grew up in the woods here that my mother's family has owned for generations. A great gift from the House of Ardenai, but that is a story for another time. You have traveled far to ask me of sorcery. Why does one choose this path over another? For me it wasn't the power or the darkness or anything such as the sort. There are those who do actually choose to be come sorcerers for the power, or they are attracted to the darkside of the art. I on the other hand never chose it. It chose me." She smiles slightly and her eyes grow distant for a second.


"My father is a merchant and a rogue in the truest sense of the word. My mother is an innkeeper in the tree village just a few trees away. The sylvan village there is a modest village, it has grown over the centuries. I grew up here happy and with no thoughts of magic or glory. Well, that doesn't include my knowledge and understanding of the local woodland fairies." She says and grins broadly.

You notice a flickering of light that seems to shimmer hovering near Jezbelle's head and then it is gone


Jezbelle giggles. "Yes, one sees many things when one is not taught to be blind. As I was saying the art chose me. I found that I had the gift, acertain amount of magical power that if left uncontrolled could have very well destroy me. Magic is not for those with a lack of discipline. It can break away from you. My mother noted this early on and so when I was a young girl she sent me to learn the art of elemental magic from a great mage. He was a wise man, but I had trouble with the major elemental sphere. It was beyond me. He thought perhaps that I would learn better with a sage he knew. This wise man controlled the spiritual spheres of magic. I mastered the minor sphere with no trouble, but the major sphere eluded me. I was very depressed and wandered around for awhile. I eventually found myself in Wheimer's Landing. It was for me a place that was wonderful indeed. I had never been exposed to so many different races, religions and classes. It is here that I mastered the art of sorcery. I control both the minor elemental and minor spiritual spheres as well as the sphere of sorcery. To me it is neither dark nor evil. The spells of sorcery are very powerful attack spells. I am not an arms user, this is how I defend myself and hunt."

Jezbelle throws another log on the fire and sits back in her chair. "When I came to the landing it was before the dwarves had opened Teras Island for settling. It was when sorcerers where some of the most powerful hunters in the realms. This was before the gods decided that we were too powerful an overnight the beasts of Elanthia had a radical warding change. It was a time of frustration and confusion. I could defend myself if approached by beast…but I could not kill what I once could kill easily. It is that time I came back to this cottage and started to write my memoirs. "


Jezbelle takes your cup of tea and refills it. You settle back in the chair feeling very warm and comfortable. 


"So you wish to train to be a sorcerer in this day and age in Elanthia. Well that does require a bit of trickery and a lot of training. How should one train today? The debate is strong indeed. The sorcerers of old complain that the gods seem to want to turn us into mages. The requirement of spell aiming for controlling certain spells and such. Spell aiming was fairly useless for sorcerers for a very long time. Now is it a mandatory skill. Focused maelstrom requires spell aiming but nearly as much as focused implosion and limb disruption. The minor god Romulus has many changes in store for the art of sorcery and I believe that our class is in good hands. He has mentioned that in the distant future we shall be able to animate the dead, and even be able to pull the daemons from their world. Soon I hear we shall be able to add warding bonus to shields. The art is advancing and changing daily it seems."

She sips her tea and then places it back on the table next to her. "This is what I do know. Always train in a chosen weapon and shield. Do not miss this unless you wish to fall victim to the beasts in the rift. It might not hurt you in the short run, but I hear it shall in the long run. Learn two spells each training. Remember that the sphere of sorcery gives the greatest bonus to your spell casting ability. Single train they say in spell aiming, double in it if you wish to learn to use wands like a mage. Single train in mana share and magic item use. Single train in scroll reading and health until you are full of health. First aid allows you to skin, perception allows you to find things, and is important. To wear robes you need no armor training, to wear full you need 4 ranks. Some sorcerers wear double and that requires 8 ranks of armor training. I would train 25 times in scroll, mana share, magic item use and perception. At that time I would then reevaluate how many more ranks I need, if any at all. As you age and become more powerful you will find yourself able to train in more things. Swimming and climbing should be trained in when you can. If you have 25 ranks of each by legend that is excellent. Combat maneuvers is costly for sorcerers and there is much debate if one should train in it. If you do you will find you cannot train in it 'til you are older. Perhaps after 25 trainings and you have stopped in other areas. Many sorcerers train in disarming traps so they can find traps and woo their own boxes. If you start and stop then it is a costly mistake so think about it wisely before you proceed. I have never been in want of a good locksmith, there are always several willing to open your boxes. "

Jezbelle stands and smiles. "I hope that has helped you some, it is an art that is radically changing as we speak. Those who are older and have chosen to train unwisely will be the most hurt by the changes."

You rest your tea on the chair and follow Jezbelle out the door of the cottage.


[Jezbelle's cottage exterior]

 You see a small tree cottage that is build well into the branches of this mighty oak tree. The wooden platform that you stand on goes around the cottage and the tree. You look down and see the forest floor far below. Before you stands a red wooden door brightly painted with fireflies and fairies. To one side you see a woven rope dangling to the floor below.

Obvious exits: none.

Also here: Lady Jezbelle


 "If you climb down the rope to the rope bridge you can walk safely to the village. The inn is comfortable and inexpensive and well, my mother makes a wonderful rolton pie." Jezbelle smiles, "If you come back I can tell you more of sorcery, or of the landing in times before you arrived." 

Jezbelle waves and enters her cottage and the door shuts behind her.


House Grey Wolf Library
House Grey Wolf Entrance



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