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Lady Jezbelle Riverstone

the Sylvankind Sorceress


She appears to be in her 60's, has very long dark brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin.


She is wearing a crystal amulet, a ditty bag, a fresh rose, a hooded spidersilk cloak, a bright yellow silk satchel, a butterfly charm, a white gold wedding with a diamond and ruby setting, a dusty thigh sheath, a glaes spider charm, a gold ring, an enruned black diamond talisman, a silver wolf's head pin, a mithril round shield, a tightly woven spidersilk sack, some dark flowing spidersilk robes embroidered with the ancient runes of Arachne, a pair of Sylvani-tailored red rose petal slippers with delicate ruby heels, a pair of sheer spidersilk gloves with tiny heart-shaped ruby clasps, a vultite charm bracelet, some scarlet spidersilk stockings, a set of ruby heart-shaped earrings, and a silver ankle bracelet of delicate elven knotwork with alternating charms of silver faeries and crystal fireflies.




Lady Jezzbelle's Sorcery Guide



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