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OK, Dis gwin ta nae be a short article fer ye want ta be warriors, I gwin ta cover a lot O da basics, and I sure dere will be many dat disagree's wit me. An ye do, feel free ta E-Scroll me. If ye hae a question dat I nae adress in dis scroll, agin feel free ta E-Scroll me. I try ta answer all O me mail as I gi it in.

SO ye wish ta be a warrior eh? Dere any things dat go inta becomin a fine warrior, many O em be long time habbits that ye learn as a youngun and keep as ye grow and develop. I will try ta break em down as simply as I kin fer ye. Agin, dis is me opinion, and in no way a reflection of any official Simultronics policies or documents. Dat said, let us begin down da start O a verra long, hard, fun filled road.........


Dere be many guides out dere dat will tell ye what be da best stats ta put here and dere, I will nae attempt ta duplicate dere efforts. Da prime considerations fer a warrior be Strength, da others will falll where they will. But as I said, many kin tell ye dis. I particualrly like LORD COMMANDANTS warrior guide fer that. I think dat a part Of Statistice be da part nae many think O and it is covered in da next section entitled.....


Yer stats reflect who you are in terms O yer body and mind. A good RPer will recall dis. As I hae a low Charisma, and den a racial modifier ta make it e'en lower, I tend ta be gruff, ootspaeken, and e'en a wee bit course. Dis makes me me to me friends. Ye will define yerself as ye go, but good RPing kin help a lot ta make ye unique and an individual. Examples be accents, meself, i nae only hae dat, but me beard which I is verra proud O and takes great care of. I ken a lass who plays a mute, all her comunication being signed or written, nae spaeking a single word, I ken yet another, a cleric who give thanks in prayer fer victories, coin, ale, food....Da list is truly endless. Dis is what make ye differant dan any oder bloke. Try ta stay in Charachter at all times ye in public, an ye hae a need ta spaek Out O charachter, go to a table or lockable room to spaek so ye will nae bother others that might walk in on ye. After all, If I wan't da score O da last RAIDERS game all I hae ta do is go to da locarion O da raid and count da bodies......



Dese are my beliefs of areas dat all warriors should ken at least a wee bit, dey in nae order O any kind.


Physical Training. This will enable ye ta develop yer HP's to dere fullest as quickly as possible. I reccomend double training till ye max yer HP's out. Yer trainer will tell ye when dis happens. Once ye max yer HP's, any training beyond dat will allow ye ta heal faster, and reduce yer RT from Herb Use.


Armor Use. Dis is One O da three most important O da skills. I reccomend dat ye double train in it at a minimum every year. A point to consider be dis. If da highest armor ye want ta wear ever is a Haubrick, den stop training when ye reaches 160 trainings. Dis is da highest ye need fer dat armor. If ye want ta eventually wear plate mail, den stop at 240. GLOOMS ARMOR GUIDE goes inta great detail on dis subject, and I reccomend that ye find a copy O it.


Shield Use. This skill will increase yer defense, as well as reduse the amount and type o damage done to ye. At a minimum ye want ta double train dis every year.


Weapon Use. I hae heard so much O which weapon type is better that I am sick O it. Me preferance is to da One Handed Edged, but ye choose as ye will. Regardless O yer choise, double train each season at a minumum.


Combat Manuevers. Dis is a vauge area, said to assis in yer Def, yer off, etc... I recomend single training or more each year. One thing it does do fer sure is increase yer MB fer hand ta hand fighting. Multi-opponent combat. Another vauge area, single train it each year. It assists in yer defense and offense when faced wit more dan one opponant at a time. Anyone dat hae ever been in a swarm kin tell ye dis be a helpfull ting. Perception. Great fer assisting in finding traps on boxies, as well as findin folk who be hiding, Even more important is it helps ye spot da rogue dat tryin ta lighten yer purse.


Climbing and Swiming. Single train these two, or more till ye hae 50 or so in it. Dere are areas in da lands ta hunt dat ye kin only gi to by swimin or climbing. Some O dese areas hae some O da richest boxies ta be found. Disarm Traps. WAIT, nae yellin dat dis be a rogue skill, if ye plan on bashin boxies open ta gi to da coin inside den ye need dis ta survive. Single train or more each season.


Hiding/Stalking. I nae use dese skills much as I tend ta hunt in da open Toe ta Toe, and I nae hae anyone ta hide from, so I counsel goin to a rogue guide fer better info dan I kin gi ye.


Ambush. Agin, I hunt toe ta toe so I nae use dis skill save when I be legging beasties fer me younger friends. Dere be several good ranger and rogue guides dat go in detail aboot dis skill.


First Aid.Dis skill allows ye ta bandage ye and yer friends till ye kin find an empath. It will also increase yer chances O sucsesfuly skinnin da beasties ye hae kilt. Dis da only skill I ken dat does dat. Single train every other season or more as ye kin.


Trading. Dere be some what says dis nae an important skill, but wit a wee 50 trainings I kin talk da in town merchant down from 12,000 coin to 7,800 coin on a pure potion. Nuff said. Train as oft as ye kin spare da points.


Mana Share. Dis be an individual choice. It cost a GODS awfull lot O training points fer but a single trainign fer many warriors. If yew is gwin ta hae a bunch O mana den I recomend ye train dis oop ta 60 or so as ye kin afford ta. Some folk will nae e'er hae a load O mana so fer dem it may nae be worth the trainings....Yer call here.


Magic Item Use, Scrolls, Wand Use, and Spells. I personnaly nae believe dat any O these is needfull by any warrior. An ye want ta ken more O em, look to other guides. If ye wish ta be a warrior mage, den ye needs must consult some spell casters guide as well, fer dis I recommend LORD TENSERS guide.


Anything in da area O seasonal training I nae covered I ether fergot or tis of wee import. However, an ye hae questions, agin, e-scroll me wit em.

Now we come to some O da most important lessons I kin gi ye, how ta go from new ta a survivable hunter in da least amount O time.




After da kindly ghost hae filled yer ear wit advice in dat dark alley, step forth boldly inta da city proper and findyerself on da east side O da city.


Use the DIR command ta help ye finf yer way to da main gate. Step out of da gate den re-enter da city right away. Look at yer Experience. Ye just earned a wee bit. Now I want ye ta wander the town, look at everery thing, enter each stor and order, nae buy anything, rather learn da commands and da cossts o good, as well as what is offered. Keep an eye on yer experience, soon ye will reach training age.


Once ye reached yer first training, use the dir command, and go to the Thrak Inn. Enter it, go south and check in. Once ye are done with yer training, den ye want ta go see dat greasy old warrior hisself. Time fer ye ta meet da Thrak. Go North then west from the desk in da inn. Den ye want ta go behind da curtain. Dere ye will meet da Thrak, pay attention and listen well, be patient, as he be long winded. Once he finishes spakin to ye, he will gi ye a quiz, if ye answer all O his questions correctly, den he will reward ye wit a wee bit O experience. Dat da end O da free experience so ta spake. Now ye hae ta earn yer way in da lands, both ta train and fer yer coin. Here is where I differ from many other guides. I believe dat fer da next few years ye want ta spend yer time runnin messages fer da city clerk. Dis will allow ye ta train ta a survivable level, as well as building a small stash O coins in da bank. As ye run messages, pay off yer debt as fast as ye kin, as dis will block ye from doin some tings, once yer debt paid, avoid buyin anything till it time ta hunt. Chances are ye will find weaponss and armor lyin aboot fer free. Please recall dat if I finds ye runnin aboot and yellin fer da location O da runner or da Gypsy, I will THUMP ya's. Dat is so annoyin......


Well now yer 4, ye kin nae run any more messages but ye hae a good stash O coin, and now ye want ta spend it on better armor and weaponds, what ta buy first?




Da answer is whichever ye kin afford first. A few general notes den we talk aboot where ta shop fer da goods.


First, we all dream O 10X swords, shields and armor, and fer many O us dat all it will e'er be...... A dream!


Wait or suffer wit inadequate armor and weapons savin yer coin fer something that ne'er gonna come kinda foolish, so buys da best ye kin afford WHEN ye kin afford it, nae wait or hesitate.


Anudder thing, ensure ye kin buy what ye use, da Vultite chain mail sure was bargain priced, but now yer broke wit armor ye kin nae wear fer 6 years, use yer head in yer purchase, buy what ye kin swing and wear effectivly now, nae in da future.


Last point afore we talk O shoppin, a personal pet peeve O mine be folks who collects weapons and armor jest ta say dey hae sich and sich. Dese tings were made ta be worn and swung. Collectin jest deprives all O us O what is a limited resourse in da first place. When ye kin nae longer use yer equipment, or ye hae replaced it, gi it away or sell it, nae start a collection O unique or rare items, after all who kin wear 4 sets o armor and swing 16 weapons?


OK, next cooms...




Generally there be 4 places ta gi equipment.


1. Da merchants in town. Da advantage is da prices be fairly stable, da quality O da goods known, and da chance O gettin riped-off is non existant. Disadvanntages, prices slightly higher dan used gear.

2. Da pawnshop backroom. Advantages, fairly stable prices lower dan da merchants, da quality O goods is fairly well known. Disadvantages be dat yye kin nae tell charges or doses on magical items.

3. Wandering Merchants. Advantages, varied inventories and multiple styles of goods in a single settin. Disadvantages, unpredictable in content or appearance, prices may be high fer youngusn, prices increase in accordance with demand.

4. Another Player, IE amunet etc. Advantages, open 24-7, alost any item can be bought or sold, a true bazzar of the mind,Disadvantages. Chances of gettin ripped-off are good, prices may be up to 300% that paid at a wandering merchants, unique items can cost millions. If you buy it from the amunet make sure you have some way of ensuring what you are buying is the real thing. The bigest advantage is that for the younger weapons you can find them MUCH cheaper here than at the merchants, and ORA is ORA regardless of who sells it.


Ye must see me seperate guide about Voln to get dese answers.



Look fer me ta publish a seperate guide about da Guild soon, Till den, E-Scroll me fer questions and answers. I will add howe'er dat most Guld Masters, contrart ta what seems ta be popular belief, do NAE enjoy bein begged or whined to aboot early guild admissions. All dis does if cause many O em ta refuse it all tagether. Also recalll dat most Guild Master consider Bribery as offensive, and may leave ye shorter by a head in da way O a lesson on manners.

A few Basics fer all times.......


1. Please recall dat da Lairds and Ladies o da lands nae mind answerin quistions in da right time and at da right place. In d amiddle Ohealin, rezzin, or huntin nae da right time and place. Ususally it nae advisable in da busy rooms sich as TSSW either, as dey most likely nae hear ye.

2. Nae poach or search anothers beast. Dis jest plain stealin in me mind. If ye want ta steal be a rogue, but an yer readin dis, recall dat a warrior hae honor and dat includes leavin what belongs ta others ta others.

3. If it on da ground, dat nae means it be free. Ask afore ye take things.

4. Conversly, an it be yers and on da ground, pick it oop as soon as ye kin afore another does, keep it in yer backpack or in yer disk. If another do manage ta steal from yer stuff on da floor, please use da report verb and report im to da gods, as it was on da floor dey will take no action, but I hae been told dey do keep track O names......

5. Nae beggin fer massies in TSSW, nae only is dis disrespectull O da caster who VOLUNTEER ta gi us dere megic, but it irritating to many. Recall dat Massies be a gift gi'en to us, nae a right, nor is dere an obligation on da casters paret ta cast em. Nae ferget ta reward da casters with gifts when ye kin. Dey is helpin keep yer skin intact after all.

6. Save da singing, reciting, etc fer da casters in TSSW, dis is how dey let us know what we kin do fer dem <ie send mana>, what dey is castin, and other vital info, if ye must sing, go someplace else.

7. Always try ta hunt away from da Landin in a party, nae only will ye be more sociable, but den dere someone ta take care O yer dead butt when da beasties win.

8. Try ta gi and maintain at least 5 deeds alla da time. Deeds is an important part O bein raised by a Cleric, Wi out em ye run da chance O losin yerself ferever. Da rule O thumb fer figurin coin fer da deed at da temple be dis....

100X level + 100X deeds owned already +101

Thus a second year warrior wit 2 deeds would ned ta pay 501 fer da next deed.

Also, as a not, i hea ben informed dat gem are counted fer 3 times dere appraised value when used fer deeds, but be warned, I hae nea tested dis meself.

Whelp, dat aboot all fer now, dis scroll may be oopdated and edited in da future, so's check back onct in a while......


Haephestus O'Eddings



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