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Empath Spells



1 mp

self cast

Restores random 10 to [Skills](max 50) of casters HPs.


Limb Repair

2 mp

self cast

Reduces the severity of fresh limb wounds


System Repair

3 mp

self cast

Reduces the severity of fresh nervous system injuries.


Head Repair

4 mp

self cast

Reduces the severity of head and neck wounds.


Organ Repair

5 mp

self cast

Reduces the severity of fresh organ injuries. Organ injuries are considered to be, the back, the chest, the abdomen, and eyes.


Empathic Focus

6 mp

15 sec. / lvl

self cast

The caster is able to focus on what they are doing and thus is able to defend themselves better. Gives caster +10 DS. Empathic casters with sufficient knowledge of their base circle gain an additional +5 to DS.


Tend Lore

7 mp

15 sec / lvl

Increases the casters first aid skills to various effect.



8 mp

Caster level + 1 per 3 points of SWC failure w/120 sec. max

When successfully cast, will stimulate a target to induce a panic reaction. It has been rumored this spell can cause temporary indecision.



9 mp

5 sec / lvl

Self cast

The caster remembers past injuries and channels those memories into a sharp, short lived rage increasing physical AS by +15.



10 mp

Self cast

The caster is able to sense the minds of other adventurers and some monsters in the surrounding areas. This intrusion may be noticed and cause a backlash.


Limb Scar Repair

11 mp

Self cast

Reduces the severity of scars on limbs.


System Scar Repair

12 mp

Self cast

Reduces the severity of old damage to the nervous system.


Head Scar Repair

13 mp

Self cast

Reduces the severity of scars of head or neck


Organ Scar Repair

14 mp

Self cast

Reduces the severity of scars on organs. Eyes, abdomen, back, and chest.


Adrenal Surge

15 mp

The caster causes the target to experience a short surge of adrenalin increasing the targets strength for a moment causing them leap to their feet. It has been noted by some adventurers that this increased strength can be so exceptional that webs have been broken.


Cry For Help

16 mp

The caster enables the target to see through their eyes for one moment. Sufficiently trained adventurers have been known to pass additional information concerning the health as well.



Sensory Overload

17 mp

Successful casting of this spell will cause the targets senses to be overloaded resulting in range of possible effects. The target may get sick, be paralyzed with inaction have difficulty striking or defending, and may suffer physical damage of the nervous system.


Empathic link

Not Implemented



Strength of Will

Not Implemented



20 mp

Self Cast

Allows the caster to relax in safe areas. While relaxing, they can consider their experiences in the field better. Because the trance requires a deep inner sight, this spell will only allow effective trances at least an hour apart. The trance can be broken by many acts including speaking.



Troll's Blood

25 mp

15 sec / lvl

This spell imbues the casters blood with the regenerative powers of trolls. Subconscious thought directs these recuperative powers to damaged areas. As long as the caster remains mostly inactive, the casters wounds will reduce and scars can fade at the cost of 1 + the cost to heal similar minor damage.




30 mp

15 sec / lvl

This spell allows the caster to shift the emphasis of their intentions between attacking and defending. Base 30 points shiftable between AS and physical DS dependent on stance. Empaths gain an additional benefits at 1 point per 2 spells known over 30 in their base circle.


Empathic Dispel

50 mp

Allows the caster to break the targets connection to the spirit realm causing spiritually related spells to fail. Upon successful cast, 2 or more spells may be dispelled.




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