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Lady Cassy Flannagan

the Giantman Sister


She appears to be in her 60's, has shoulder length, wavy sandy blond hair, violet eyes, and tanned skin

She has a moon and stars tattoo on her neck, a small green frog tattoo on her finger, and a tattooed symbol of the Huntress on her ankle.

She has minor cuts and bruises on her abdominal area.

She is wearing some smokey grey leathers, some steel-toe vruul skin boots, an amber-beaded light tawney bodice, a fitted silver spidersilk skirt trimmed with runes of The Huntress, a black crescent moon amulet, a large green sack, a ruby-inset gold sunburst medallion, a dark rolaren Huntress symbol, a fake lumpy wart, a Brigatta unicorn pin, a pure white rose, a wild black rose, some white feathered angel wings, a belled ankle chain, a polished opal crescent moon earring, a howling wolf pin, a silver trident cloak clasp, a jet black vruul skin haversack, a dark scroll satchel, some silver half-moon earrings, a heart-shaped ruby clasp, a braided spidersilk satchel, a sapphire and opal charm bracelet, a ruby-eyed black skull pin, an ora-studded golden imflass thigh-sheath, a floppy-eared brown dog bonnet, a raven-black vruul skin cloak, an embroidered vruul skin backpack, a kelyn engagement ring, a set of silver and gold bells, a lovely bright white ribbon, a delicate engraved silver locket, a tiny black glaes spider, a gold ring, a fragrant white rose corsage, and an elegant oval cameo.






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