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By Laws - Clan Grey Wolf


I. Petition for the Establishment of House Gray Wolf

This petition is being submitted by the Officers of Clan Gray Wolf to establish an Official House in the realm of Elanthia, in the town of Rivers Rest. Let it be known that the following people, who are citizens of Elanthia in good standing, will be acting as House Officers.

Co-Chairman and Chief Elder - Lady Zarilynx Forestchaser

Co-Chairman and Chief Steward - Lady Jezbelle Riverstone

Co-Chairman and War Leader - Lord Haephestus O'Eddings

Secretary and Chancellor - Lady Narissa DeValstone

Co-Secretary and Marshal - Lord Sarnth Werfen

Treasurer and Exchequer - Lord Rennick Goderen

Co-Treasurer and Equerry - Lady Genevera Melancholiokami

II. Statement of Purpose

House Gray Wolf is being established for the purpose of uniting together in honor, as a clan, those of differing races, skills, and professions, under a single banner. To walk the wilds of Elanthia and assist others selflessly, through depopulation of the feral beasts in the wilds, and assistance of those in need. To provide a dwelling to be known as Gray Wolf Keep for the weary defenders of Elanthia., and to further strengthen the flavor and character of the folk of the land and promoting the lawful goals of its membership.


Gray wolf Keep shall maintain a secure courtyard, forever open to all, so that they may rest and heal in safety, regardless of membership status. This area will be free of any charges, duties, or obligations for it's use. In order to focus on the preervation of intelligent life, and the creation of items of such craftsmanship as to set a standard throughout the realms, the Goddess Imaera and the God Eonake will be honored above all others as Patrons of the House. In order that we may assist others, the worship of all the Gods and Goddesses of Elanthia will be encouraged.


The house shall set a shining example of Character, Freedom, Loyalty, Honor, and Dedication not only to the members of the house and Gods, but to all of the Citizens of Elanthia. It's members shall be out in the forest protecting wandering adventurers from harm; It's keep a bastion in the wilds, safe haven for all those in need of rest and comfort; It's front gate lights, a beacon leading the way to comfort and solace in the dark....

III. Statement of Governing

The House Gray Wolf will be a Councilor Organization led by a Triumvirate of Chairmen.

The Triumvirate:

Lady Zarilynx Forestchaser

- Co-Chairperson and Chief Elder of the Clan

Lady Jezbelle Riverstone

- Co-Chairperson and Chief Steward of the Clan

Lord Haephestus O'Eddings

- Co-Chairperson and War Leader of the Clan


The governing body will be known as the Executive Council. The Executive Council will be comprised of the Three Chairmen of the Triumvirate and the other Clan Officers.

These other officers are:

 Lord Rennick Goderen

- Treasurer and Exchequer of the Clan

Lady Narissa DeValstone

- Secretary and Chancellor of the Clan

Lady Genevera Melancholiokami

- Co Treasurer and Equerry of the Clan

Lord Sarnth Werfen

- Co Secretary and Marshal of the Clan


The Triumvirate shall act as Co-rulers of the house. Issues laid before the Triumvirate will go to a vote by the three members thereof. A two thirds majority is required on all Triumvirate issues, thus if two are present and in agreement, the item shall be as they decide.

 The Leader of the Council and of the Gray Wolves will be Chairman and Chief Elder.

All members can petition the Executive Council to have an issue placed on the Councils agenda. The Executive Council will decide all matters on its agenda by a majority vote of those present.

All Council Members have an equal voice in all matters that are brought to a vote.

 After a discussion period to be no longer than thirty minutes the Chairman will issue a call to vote on the issue A Council member may submit their vote in two different ways:

1. Be present for the meeting at which a vote is taken, or

2. Submit their vote via a designated representative to be appointed and approved by the other Councilors in advance.

Only three possible votes will be accepted.

 Yea - being a desire to see an issue enacted

Nay - being a desire to see an issue not enacted

Abstain- being a desire to not vote on this issue for personal or conflict of interest reasons.

 Any item that results in a tied vote must be laid before the Triumvirate, the Triumvirates decision on the issue is final.

 The Chairman shall submit the approved agenda to the Council no latter than one week before the meeting.



IV Statement of Officers Terms

 The officers of House Gray Wolf will have lifetime terms. At any time an Officer may resign their position. These positions are not hereditary, and will not be passed through family lines. If a position becomes vacant for whatever reason the following shall take place:
 In the event the Chief Elder has departed, the Chief Steward automatically becomes the Chief Elder.

The Chief Steward's slot will be filled by the War Leader

TheWar Leader slot will be filled permanently by one of the existing Councilors.

This assures that the Triumvirate has a certain amount of experience so that the house leadership will always be strong and capable.

 In the event the Exchequer or Chancellor had departed, their position shall be immediately filled by their assistant, this ensures the some one experienced in house government is a senior member of the Council.

An open election shall be held for the empty Equerry or Marshal position. All members in good standing may nominate a member in good standing for an open Office.

Any nominee for a House Office must be Titled, and any nomination must be seconded by another member in good standing.

Nominations will commence the first day of the month following the loss of the Councilor, and must be submitted to the Executive Council before the last day of that month. Following nominations, the actual election will be held on the 15th of the Month that follows the nomination month. The winner will be declared by simple majority of all those present for the vote.

In the case a tie vote, a run off election will be conducted between the two house members with the highest vote totals.

Any Officer may relinquish the post they hold by giving a notice of 21 days. At that time the Chief Elder will call for new elections to replace the vacancy. Absence during the vote is taken as a null or abstained vote.

The following shall be the procedure to hold a vote of confidence on a current officer:

At any time members of the house feel that any officer is in violation of the spirit or the letter of these by-laws, any member of the Council may call for a vote of confidence at a council meeting. If a Council member calls for a vote it must be seconded by a member of the Triumvirate. Once the issue has been seconded, then a vote shall be taken one week hence.

 A letter to the entire house membership must be sent out immediately after the Council meeting by a neutral member of the Council. This letter will detail both sides of the issue impartially, and will also announce the date of the confidence vote.  

A vote of No Confidence by at least two thirds of the house members present is required for the ouster of an officer. Anything less is considered a vote of Confidence and the Officer shall remain in his or her position.

Only those physically present for the vote shall be allowed to vote. No proxies or write in votes are allowed for a confidence vote. In the event of a vote of no confidence, the above detailed rules will take effect for replacement of the ousted officer.

V Statement of Officer Duties

 A. Co-Chairman and Chief Elder

The Chief Elder is the Wisdom of the house. She is responsible for the operations of the house as a family, and will be the one to assign arbitrators to settle disputes within the house. She will contribute topics for meetings to the Chief Steward as she sees fit.

She is overall in charge of the running of the House.

 B. Co-Chairman and Chief Steward

 The Chief Steward shall set the time and place for meetings of the council. Such meetings will be held monthly at a minimum. She will notify Council members of such meetings a minimum of 7 days in advance. She will consult with her Co-Chairpersons as to topics for discussion, and matters of import that need be addressed during the meeting.

C. Co-Chairman and War Leader

The War Leader is responsible for the planning and operations of the house during war, organizing hunts, and the planning of patrols to reduce the beasts of the lands. He will contribute topics for meetings to the Chief Steward as he sees fit.  

D. Secretary and Chancellor

 The Chancellor shall be responsible for maintaining an accurate record of house meetings, posting of scrolls and messages to all house members, and maintaining the house History.

The Chancellor shall be in charge of the House defense.

E. Treasurer and Exchequer

The Exchequer shall receive all dues collected, maintain the house account, give a monthly accounting for house funds, final approve loans of house funds, and ensure payments by the house are made in a timely manner. The Exchequer shall be final approval for petitions that would require use of house funds.

F. Co-Secretary and Marshal

The Marshal shall assist the Chancellor in their duties.

The Chamberlain shall take over duties of the Chancellor if the Chancellor is not present or missing.

G. Co-Treasurer and Equerry

The Equerry shall assist the Exchequer in their duties. The Equerry shall take over the duties of the Exchequer if the Exchequer is not present or missing.

 VI Statement of Membership Requirements  

Any citizen of Elanthia that desires to become a member of House Gray Wolf must meet these basic requirements as stated below:

1. A Prospective Member must be at least of the 5th year of training.

 2. A Prospective Member must submit an initiation fee in the sum of 20,000 silver.

3. A Prospective Member must be a citizen in good standing of Elanthia.

4. A Prospective Member must be invited to become a prospective member by a member in good standing at which time that member will become the Prospective Members sponsor.

5. A Prospective Member at this time will commence a 2 week Provisional Membership.

6. A Prospective Member must not be a current member of any other House, nor have been a member of any other house for a period of four weeks and must not have any debts owed to that House or the Local Government. (During the founding period of the house, this requirement shall be waived so members may utilize the benefits and privileges of their current houses. This portion will become effective the month prior to the opening of the house.)

7.A Prospective Member must then be accepted by a majority vote of the Executive Council. If so accepted he/she will proceed to the Office of the Clerk and commence the Ritual of Induction at which time the Prospective Member will become a full member of the house with all rights and privileges entitled to them.

 The clan shall recognize and give rights of Prime Membership, to include the choice of private rooms to the people who have been instrumental in the founding of the Clan.


Let it be know that the Clan is forever indebted to the following folk as Prime Members:

 Lady Zarilynx Forrestchaser

Lord Stonehelmm Dharvon

Lord Haephestus O'Eddings

Lady Myrilia

Lord Sarnth

Lady Boadecea

Lady Genevera

Lady Menolley Forestoaks

Lady Iluna

Lord Rennick

Lord Olerin

Lady Narissa

Lord Beigarion

Lord Aljeron Torig

Lady Raindreamer

Lord Querchard Armaggeddon

Lord Atuek


VII Statement of House Services

 A. Coat of Arms

 House Gray Wolf will permit its members to carry items with the House Coat of Arms engraved upon them. This crest will be published at a later date.

If approved the House colors will be Forest Green to represent the Tree of Friendship in our courtyard, and Slate Gray, to represent the color of the coat of the proud Wolf who is our totem.

B. Loans

House Gray Wolf will make loans available to its members in good standing that qualify under the standards set forth by the local government and the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia with these additional provisions.

 Any request for a loan must be submitted by the member to the Executive Council in writing stating the purpose for the loan and the amount requested. A ten percent loan application fee will be submitted to the Treasurer to prove financial responsibility and will be applied to the balance of the loan. This fee in non-refundable if the loan is disapproved. The Executive Council will approve the loan with a majority vote of the council.

 C. Storage Facilities

The House will provide, for use by its members a storage facility and will incur any costs necessary to maintain a storage facility for use by its members.

 D. Dispute Resolution

House Gray Wolf will follow and honor the dispute system set forth and recommended by the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia with the following additions.

 1. The Executive Council will act as the tribunal body in all matters of internal disputes.

2. The parties in question must request a hearing from the Executive Council, at which time the council will determine if the dispute will be heard. At any time a member may request that the Chief Elder appoint an arbitrator in the dispute.

3.Any decision made by either the Tribunal or the Arbitrator, will be binding to all parties in the dispute . Decisions reached through arbitration are enforceable with fines and punishments up to and including Banishment for those who do not follow the Judgment of the Arbitrator.

E. Workshop

 A workshop will be available to all House Members for doing magical research in order to enchant or to create magical items. All enchanting done in the workshop shall be 3X and higher. Lesser enchantment (1X and 2X) can be done at various public locations throughout the lands.

Use of the mana pool for other uses such as embedding, or use of the mana pool by non-members, will be punishable by the Officers of the house, punishment to be an automatic item in the agenda of the next meeting. Punishment shall range from stiff fines at the minimum to Banishment as a maximum for repeat offenders.

F. Forge

 A forge will be made available to all house members, for the creation or modification of weapons, armor, and shields. Should such a facility receive final approval by the Game Masters. Further documentation and rules for forge use shall be published upon receipt of this approval.

VIII Statement of Membership Rules and Regulations

 A. Conduct of House Members

A House Member shall at all times conduct himself or herself as a good and honorable citizen of Elanthia.

A House Member shall aid the weak and injured when they come across these unfortunate souls and are able to render aid.

A House Member shall uphold the highest standards of role-playing.

A House Member and will aid newcomers to Elanthia so that they will in their turn aid others to create a stronger sense of community throughout the lands.

A House Member will not default on any loans provided by the House and shall inform the Executive Council in any situation that may result in possible default on those loans.

 A House Member make all efforts to be on hand for any votes brought before the house membership by the executive council.

B. Termination of Membership

A house member, regardless of membership status may be terminated from the house by a vote of the Triumvirate. Reasons for such a vote include, but are not limited to attack upon other members of the house, killing anyone, anywhere in the lands, deliberate fraud, insults or abusive behavior to house officers and other offenses as determined on an individual basis. Reports of problems with other members of the house should be delivered to the house officers.

The Triumvirate shall be the final judge of what constitutes non-compliance with these bylaws

 IX. History of the House Gray Wolf

The History of the House Gray Wolf can be found at






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