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The Young Warrior




Now that you have trained you're ready to make your mark, and a name for yourself in the lands. First, use the 'DIR' command and go to every single location you can. Enter each one, check what's for sale, and move on. After 5 or so minutes, you'll be ready to train for your 1st level, as many of those locations fill yer brain with learning. Follow your training, don't experiment, stick with a path.


Then, go see the Ancient Thrak (assuming you were born in the Landing he's in the north end of the Inn you just trained in behind a curtain) and LISTEN to what he has to say. Afterwards, he will ask you some questions. Answer them correctly, and WHAM!! Ya gets a nice pile 'o learnin'.

After that, ya gots 3 choices. You can hunt, run messages, or make Iron. Personally, I think Iron is the best, as you can get jobs for iron from the Blacksmith in town up till your 6th birthday, and each slab of iron you give him will nearly fill yer brain. Then ya can run a message to top off or chase down a couple local critters if'n ya likes, But NO self respectin' warrior will EVER set foot in the rat infested catacombs, less it be to drag a deader to the Empaths and Clerics in town. Following this pattern consistently will get you to 3rd within a couple hours.

There are a few points I would like ta make to ye. Folks like and appreciate a code of ethics. Dinna whine for things, make rude comments (elders tend to enjoy stunning / holding / silencing / thumping and generally torturing young folks with a wise arse mouth), or talk about things not otherwise pertainin' to da Lands themselves. Dis INCLUDES askin fer DS checks, comparin' er askin about Ability Statistics, or just how crappy yer day at work (or school) was. Be a good lad (or lass), and folks be more den happy ta help yas. If worse comes to worst, use 'WHISPER to [person]' command.


At your earliest opportunity, you need to stock up on deeds. They are the '2nd chance' tickets you use up when you die, so that all your hard work doesn't go to waste. The younger you are, the cheaper they are to get, so get them as EARLY as possible. Gems and coins may be dropped in the Temple, in your quest for Deeds. When you get older you will be able to trade various items you find on the bodies of critters you kill at a place called Hearthstone just north of Town. Too many folks wander about with only a hand-full of Deeds, only to pay for it most dearly during an unfortunate situation. You can NEVER have too many Deeds, I personally never have less then 30.


At your 3rd year of training, you have your 1st REAL opportunity to make a choice as to your future path. There are 2 Brotherhoods in the lands. Each has it's own benefits/rewards/skills, but are of very different schools of thought.
The easier of the 2 is the Council of Light or COL, although they are not truly of the light and can carry a heavy cost to your soul. I know most folks who choose this path can master by the time they turn 5 or so, however, the easy path is hardly the wisest choice. Not only that, but the Council actually punishes, and even KILLS its own members when its abilities are miss-used or abused. There is also virtually no open association between members, no camaraderie, and little support among its members for each other (or for folks in general for that matter). COL is popular among Casters and folks who tend to follow a darker path in life. Further on them I will not reveal. I know many, MANY folks, Legend or otherwise, who mastered COL, only to leave it and join your 2nd choice:
 Voln is a Brotherhood dedicated to the release of the Undead from their everlasting curse of existence. It has many wonderful benefits aside from simple abilities. The Brothers and Sisters of Voln act more akin to a family then anything else, and most will not think twice of coming to your aid when things are going badly. The BEST part of Voln (I think so anyway) for a Warrior, is Voln-Fu. Most folk' need blessed weapons or spells to effect/injure/kill the Undead. However, as a member of Voln your dedication to its paths will reward you with a form of hand (or foot) to Undead combat that is truly devastating, and has NO cost to you. Your body becomes a fantastic weapon in your quest, provided you have trained in the Warrior's Core Skill Brawling. Even better, this combat is much faster then all others, and suffers NO RT penalty regardless of the weight or type of armor you are wearing (Plate-wearers REJOICE!!). A well-trained Warrior can actually do MORE damage with Fu then with a blade, depending on the situation. Fu also has the added benefit of dropping the Undead to the ground, stunning them, actually knocking them out, or even killing them outright with a single blow!


So, what be the drawback of such a fine group? Well, it nay easy to advance in the ranks and skills of Voln, as ye needs to release Undead to get Favor. This Favor is used to pay for your training in Voln, or saved for the use of your learned skills as you advance IN your Voln Training. I suggest you not use ANY favor until you Master.


What next you ask ? what to wear and the materials that things are made of.




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