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The Young Hunter


Now we move into Hunting.


The 1st thing for you to do is go the Park just south and west of the Town Center & Well, and get what we all know and love as 'Massies'. Don't scoff, as even Legends refer to them as such, and none consider themselves beyond need of them. These will greatly improve your chances of survival (not to mention making you harder to hit) while hunting.

Only a fool travels forth unprepared, don't be one.

Starting off, if your not fetching iron for the Blacksmith, I suggest you hunt either the Graveyard or Hobgoblins and Gnolls (WARNING!: The Hob & Gnoll area is HEAVILY populated by thieves, poachers, and murderers).


By 5 you should be ready for Forest Trolls, and once you get another train or 2 under your belt (at 6 or 7ish), start looking at Manticores & Thraks. They are near Mine Road (not very difficult, but tend to swarm which can get your hurt very quickly). Or you can consider Death Dirges and Mummies in the Graveyard. Hunting undead at this age is not so much difficult in itself, as it is to obtain a bless for your weapon. Patience will see you thru, and your power will grow steadily.


Right about now (10ish), your getting ready for Cave Trolls (good for treasure), or Wraiths (an excellent undead to hunt for Voln favor). Cave Trolls are just a bit past where you have been slaughtering Mants & Thraks, while Wraiths are actually in 3 different locations (one of which will require you to have at least a 20 skill in SWIM to access). By now you should also be wearing/using Vultite or similar +20 equipment. Your also nearing the time where some folks hit what is considered "The Wall". It's what folks have to suffer and deal with when they did not plan for their future, and are finding that, while you are still growing by leaps and bounds due to your excellent planning for the future (via this guide), their skills are maxing out due to poor placement. They also aren't getting an increase in training points to further expand their expertise while maintaining their core skills, like you are, and still have to juggle their training.




At 10 you have another decision to make, that being which House you wish to join. A few will admit folks younger then 10, but the Houses of Stature will not consider you till now. Some Houses actively recruit, while others are VERY

selective as to their members. There are far too many to discuss in detail, sufficed to say many specialize in a particular profession or class of character. Its up to you to decide which is more to your tastes, and in-line with your characters personality.





As you move up in training, you will start to notice that a lot of creatures are starting to swing at you less and cast at you more. If you use a 1-Handed Weapon, you can also use a shield without suffering a penalty to your Attack. Also, Shield Training will greatly improve your ability to protect yourself. 2-Handed Weapon users are now facing the fact, that without a shield, they are missing a big bonus to not only their DS, but to their TD (Total Defense), which helps protect them from spells and many effects critters are tossing your way. Just a basic shield, with no training will improve your DS/TD by 20 or more, depending on its current level of enchantment. A basic Vultite shield, which can be found just about anywhere, will grant you +40 to your DS! A 2-Handed Warrior will really start to feel the pinch right about now, and will have to consider alternatives. You can run around like a Roltan with its head cut off trying to find someone who will cast a few more powerful spells on your sorry hide, or you can try something a bit more risky.




Most critters tend to take a bit longer to swing (or cast) then you, and you can use that time to your advantage. It is very important to know the effect the 'Stance' you are in will have on your ability to either defend or attack. Staying in 'Defensive' will afford you the greatest protection possible (called 'Turtleing'), while 'Full Offensive' will place all of your skill into a focused attack and leave none for Defense, There are stages / degrees in between the 2 as well. Dancing is when you remain in full Defensive until AFTER a critter attacks. After it has done so (and hopefully missed), you change your stance to 'Offensive' and attack. Then, as soon as you can, change back to Stance 'Defensive' again. The trick is to get back into Defensive before the now angry critter can make kibble out of yer hide. Keep in mind that critters can dance too, so pay attention to their Attack Strength (AS) when they swing before you go Offensive, as you may get 'suckered' into swinging at a 'turtled' critter, leaving yourself WIDE open for a reply (OUCH!). Also, keep in mind, that dancing can be VERY dangerous if you hunt in areas that have multiple critters together, or tend to swarm suddenly, as they won't all be swinging at the same time. Sometimes, you just have to go PSYCHO and take yer chances in a fight.




The most frustrating thing about a hunt can be when a critter realizes it's losing a fight, it may turtle & start running from place to place to save its life (Mants & Thraks are a perfect example). Chasing it down is your own personal decision, however, if you HAVE done damage, and someone else kills it, your STILL going to get your fair share of the learning. You can help focus your attacks on 1 critter by swinging at it once, and then each attack thereafter, simply use 'AT'. The Lands will continue to focus your attack on the single critter, regardless of how many more come running. It will also help you chase a critter if it leaves the room your in, as when you see one leave, and get a 'That creature is not here' message, you know yours just wandered off. Running after it and using the 'AT' command will help prevent your accidentally poaching the critter that may ALSO be in the room you just ran to, that some poor adventurer has been whittling away at. It's also not a good idea to swing at a critter that has just limped or crawled into your area, as it is probably being chased. Most folks don't appreciate losing a kill, regardless of the experience involved, as they cannot skin or search it for treasure after its dead by your hand (usually). The only way you can protect your kill from 'accidental' search and seizure is to use the 'Kill-Group' option under the FLAG command.




An important thing to consider while hunting is that Skinning critters will very quickly generate a sizable amount of wealth for you to apply towards new weapons and equipment. Just don't forget that just about anything you find on a critter can be sold or utilized in some way. Always remember, Waste not - Want not. Most things you find can be sold at the Pawnshop in Town as well.




Coming to blows over a poached kill is not only poor behavior and greatly frowned upon, but can get your arse banned from the lands. If someone has repeatedly stolen your kills, and then claims to be RP'ing an Evil character (i.e. Ass-hole), I would suggest reporting him to the Gods. Very often, the worst behaved adventurers have a very old body stashed away they can jump into and seek revenge with, should you decide to take matters into your own hands. Even a simple argument can quickly result in a silent (or not so silent) old Geezer arriving suddenly and stunning / binding / holding / silencing / webbing you, regardless of your being in the right. Finally, know that if you kill someone within the walls of Town (or even assault them in some cases), you're going to Jail. You will be stripped of every possession, and after being told what your Fine is, will be given 1 hour to pay it or lose all the confiscated items. In the Old days you could actually avoid Jail if your were quick on your feet, as the Sheriff would take a moment before arresting you, traveling from room to room to locate you. Now, he just teleports directly to you and throws your arse in Jail before you can even blink.


Whats's my next step? Any special skills?

Maybe you should look into joining a guild?





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