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Lord Brendokken


the Giantman Mercenary.

He appears to be in his 40's, has thinning dark brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin.

He has a snarling bear tattoo on his arm.

He is wearing a crystal amulet, a grey cotton sack, a gold ring, a black leather climbing pack, some dusty black leather trousers, a silver-edged howling wolf clasp, a silver edged black silk vest, a storm grey baldric, a shadowy black weapons harness, a silver clan crest buckle, a tattered and torn warrior's cloak, some large eel skin boots, a silver wolf's head pin, a stylish burgundy bandana, a solid vultite armband, a Warrior Guild member pin, a pair of black imflass thighguards, a leopard skin ankle sheath, some brigandine armor, some black eelskin gloves, a hammered iron Eonak symbol, a glass amulet, a narrow bone-inlaid sheath, a blue velvet sack, and a pouch-lined golden imflass greatbelt.






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