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He appears to be in his 40's, has unkempt, long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin.

He is wearing some polished ruby prayer beads, a dark grey spidersilk pack, a soft rolton hide jacket, a steel ring, a fresh flower, a rusty rolton bell, a butterfly charm, a pair of wooly rolton hooves, a thick rhimar armband, a rolton crest, a vultite wall shield, a tightly woven spidersilk sack, a mithril juggernaut pin, some white rolton wool earmuffs, a teal blue rose, a pale purple glaes spider charm, some rolton hide gloves, a pearl-inlaid black ora scabbard, a friar's linen ale satchel, a zombie rolton pin, some flawless onyx prayer beads, an anvil-shaped Eonak pin, a battered dwarven war harness, a fuzzy rolton mask, a woven wheat lover's knot, a tiny jade rolton anklet, some dapper black leather suspenders, some rolton wool trousers, a puffy white rolton tail, a pair of soft rolton ears, a heavy rolton wool cap, and some shimmering black robes.




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