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Berillia Allendil  

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She appears to be in her 90's, has long, braided golden blond hair, grey eyes, and fair skin. and

She has a leering black demon tattoo on her ankle, a braided blond ponytail, and a black angel tattoo on her neck.


She is wearing a silver wedding band, a crystal amulet, a butterfly charm, a black-trimmed silvery silk surcoat, a wide silver armband, a winged silver helm, a silver chrysalis, some silver-toe cuffed boots, a silver wolf's head pin, a golden phoenix pin, a rune-trimmed wizard's cloak, a delicate silver mail skirt, a silver feather armband, a silvery Lumnis ring, a small rose, a silver wraith pendant, a jade inlaid silver armband, an elven leather wand harness, a silvery leather sheath, a delicate silver necklace, a silver spidersilk backpack, a blushing beanbag rat, a pair of silver mesh gloves, a shimmering silver mesh satchel, a veniom-bound rolaren tower shield, and a silver spidersilk pouch.







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