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Bard Spells


Bard SpellsAs a Bard you must remember to sing your spells

Mana Point (MP) cost is initial to start the song, +X number of mana points per interval, where the interval is 120 + 5 times the singer's level in seconds with a max of 360 seconds for the interval.

Song of Holding
1 mp

1 mp

Using the forces of air and vibration, this song will lower a single foe's ability to defend by 10 percent.

Vibration Chant
2 mp
Makes an object unstable, causing the object held by the target to vibrate free from the holder's grasp.

Fortitude Song
3 mp


Through the aid of music and magic, a bard singing this song bolsters his or her defensive ability by +10.

Purification Song
4 mp
This song removes blemishes and impurities from gems.

5 mp
The target may experience varying degrees of drowsiness, react more slowly than normal, be temporarily immobilized, or fall completely asleep. Not renewable or stackable.

Song of Protection
6 mp


Extra magical protection to all members of the singer's group, +15 to spirit warding and Directed Spell DS. Stackable.

Kai's Triumph Song
7 mp

4 mp

Gives all members of Bard’s party increased fighting ability. +10 to AS. Not stackable with 1019

Mass Holding Song
8 mp

3 mp

Using the forces of air and vibration, this song will lower the defenses of all not joined to the singer by 10 percent. Not stackable with 1001

Sonic Shield Song
9 mp

4 mp

Creates a shield of air that can be wielded in the left hand. Normal shield +10+1/3 songs known, capped at +50. Left hand must be free to direct the shield.

Song of Valor
10 mp

3 mp

Creates an aura of protection the bard, bolstering his physical defensive ability by +25 and his resistance to elemental attacks by +25

Song of Peace
11 mp

4 mp

The singer creates a minor sanctuary where all creatures and players are held passive due to the soothing rhythmic sounds of the song.

Sonic Blade Song
12 mp

4 mp

While singing this song, a bard can weave vibrating air and magic around his or her right hand into a weapon of the bard's choosing. Weapon is +10 +1/2 songs known, capped at +50. The weapon will do random vibration injuries.

Song of Unraveling
Not Implemented
The bard unravel magic from magical items, which the bard may then absorb, half being used to maintain the magic of the song.

Sonic Armor
14 mp

5 mp

While singing this song, a bard can weave vibrating air and magic similar to Sonic Weapon and Sonic Shield.

(see Note)

Song of Depression
15 mp

6 mp

Singing this song will cause all not joined to the singer to become depressed, decreasing their desire to ward against magic and attack, -20 to spirit warding and react slower than normal.

Song of Rage
16 mp
Causes target to become enraged and attack Bard with full force in fully offensive stance

Song of Noise
17 mp

7 mp

Creates a cacophony of sound, disrupting the magical forces in the area. This song prevents magic in the room it is sung in by using disruptive sonic waves to hinder normal magical flow.

Song of Power
18 mp

15 mp

The singer of this song becomes a moving focal point of magic in the area, providing improved mana recovery for everyone joined to the singer.

Eonak's Song of Glory
19 mp

12 mp

While singing this song, the bard magically enhances and inspires all members of his or her party, enhancing their ability to attack and recover from battle, +20 to AS and recover health points at an accelerated rate. Not stackable with Kai's Song.

Traveler's Song
20 mp
The bard's entire party is transported to the nearest Inn.

Singing Sword Song
Not Implemented
Through clever manipulation of vibrations, a bard singing this song spell can direct his or her weapon to fly after the caster and attack foes, using the same skill as the caster's

Song of Sonic Disruption
30 mp

20 mp

The bard singing this song is able to resonate their voice to such a degree that all not joined to the singer must suffer resonant vibrations of the song or suffer vibration injuries

Song of Mirrors
35 mp

15 mp

Creates the illusion of multiple images of the bard in the room. +75 to physical DS

Song of Mana Streaming
Not Implemented
Singer and all in party are transported from one natural mana focus to another.





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