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The difference however is that the magic forms a sonic barrier around the singer,

The singer can specify the armor sub-group when casting by including the number of that group, using the chart below. If unspecified, the song will default to Full Leather.


AsG Type Coverage


5 Light Leather torso

6 Full Leather torso, arms

7 Reinforced Leather torso, arms, legs

8 Double Leather head to toe

9 Leather Breastplate torso

10 Cuirboulli Leather torso, arms

11 Studded Leather torso, arms, legs

12 Brigandine head to toe

13 Chain Mail torso

14 Double Chain torso, arms

15 Augmented Chain torso, arms, legs

16 Chain Hauberk head to toe

17 Metal Breastplate torso

18 Augmented Brestplate torso, arms

19 Half Plate torso, arms, legs

20 Full Plate head to toe


Armor is +15 +1/2 songs known, capped at +50. The sonic barrier also has resistance against certain magical attacks, such as electricity, heat, and cold, but is susceptible to impact, such as falling from a great distance.





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